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A parenthesis in time. A space for reflection on expectations created in the past and on what has really been achieved.


The starting point of the piece is the following fable:

The American golden eagle has the greatest longevity of its species and can live for up to 70 years.

At 40, his curved, flexible talons can no longer grip the prey on which he feeds, his sharp, elongated beak is starting to curve dangerously against his breast, and his wings, old and weighed down by his thick feathers, make flying a very complicated task.

This is when the eagle must make a decision and he only has two alternatives: to let himself die, or to face a painful process of rebirth that will last for 150 days.

That process consists of flying to the top of a mountain and sheltering in a nest close to a rock face, where he won’t need to fly. Once he is safely installed, the eagle will start hitting his beak against the rock face until he manages to tear it off. Once it is amputated, the eagle will have to wait until a new beak grows and then, with this, he will have to tear off his old talons.

When the new talons start to grow, that will be the time to shed his old feathers, tearing them off with his new beak. After five very hard months, the golden eagle will emerge victorious, executing his famous flight of rebirth, and then he will have another 30 years of life.